UWB helps you manage your relationships so that you cultivate a healthy social life while cutting back on negative influences. Our approach focuses on prioritizing relationships that matter, improving communication, involving yourself in the community, and de-prioritizing digital interactions. This content comes from leading relationship experts/psychologists/coaches, religions like Judaism, military professionals, and our own learnings. In short, we want you to have positive, meaningful, and fulfilling relationships.

The way to ensure positive energy in your life is to be intentional about when, where, why, how, and with whom you engage so that you add to the greater whole while simultaneously protecting your own well-being. Have you ever quantified how much time you’ve spent talking to others? It’s quite fascinating actually. We will teach you to quantify how much and how often you communicate with others. Doing this will define how much time you need to spend with certain people to optimize your own well-being. That’s relationship management, the UWB method.