The first step in good relationship management is gauging both your offline and online relationships. Take inventory of your relationships. Yes, I literally mean to take an inventory of the people in your life, much like someone stocking shelves in a warehouse. On a piece of paper, make a four-column table. During the course of our program(s), you’ll add more columns so it’s important to do this right.

You will notice that Column 4 discusses emotional triggers that a relationship may cause. There is a strong overlap between emotional and social variables in UWB. It’s good to note those.

  • Column 1: jot down all the names of people you are in touch with
  • Column 2: simply put plus (positive), minus (negative), and circle (neutral) next to their names.
  • Column 3: put whether they are a close, medium, or loose connection.
  • Column 4: add emotional triggers that these people may give you.
Name Energy Type Emotional Trigger
Mom + Close Mom gives me encouragement to keep going
Partner + Close Nice to have someone who loves me the way I am
Church Group + Medium I appreciate the common values and support
Running Group + Loose They push me to get better and I feel accomplished
Old HS Friend + Close Always nice to chat with someone who likes you no matter what
Chat Friend o Loose I like speaking to my friend but we stay on the phone too long
Colleague afterwork Medium Feel like I waste my time because we talk over and over about the same thing
Needy Friend Medium It’s difficult to hear about my friend’s problems all the time; it brings me down.
FB Messenger Friends o Loose Chatting with friends I met years ago is nice and sometimes I wish I was with them.
Instagram Chats o Loose Sometimes I get envious of other people doing fun things.